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112 hours of Muscle Training with tyfo Muscle Activators

We make you Stronger :

Activated & stimulated feet encourage stronger muscle growth, Stronger muscles create stronger movement, which delays the feeling of tiredness and reduces the risk of injury.

We make you Feel Different :

Activated and stimulated feet create powerful messages that carry through our posterior muscle chain, reinforcing feelings of higher muscle energy. This couples all our nerve endings within our interconnected system called the fascia enabling a positive influence throughout our whole body and especially the brain. If we improve brain awareness we improve all bodily functions including movement and we especially improve how we feel sending positive emotions throughout our body.

Prevent injury or pain:

As we learn more about the fascia it’s clear that 7-8 hours stimulation of the plantar foot is the easiest and quickest way to stimulate the whole fascial system that exists in every human body.

The fascia essentially supports force transmission and hydration throughout our whole body so it's vital that this system is understood and supported. The thickest concentration of the fascia exists in our feet so that is why we focus on this area.

Pain usually identifies a weakness within our interconnected system so it’s reasonable to suggest that prevention of pain and injury is increased if our feet and fascia systems are activated, stimulated and working correctly which has been proven to reduce the negative effects of standing and sitting for long periods of time.