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Reduce Stress

This new Turn Your Feet ON experience can help to reduce stress and strain that we typically might feel after a long day on our feet or after physical exercise.
The consequences of uncomfortable Pain, Injury or constant feeling of tiredness also negatively affects how we feel emotionally and of course limits our ability to recover as quickly as we would like.
Body tiredness affects how our brain makes decisions and what those decisions are.
Activated feet are the trigger for sending positive and motivating signals to the brain ,Feeling stronger and being stronger helps how we FEEL, Turn Your Feet On is a critical step to improving mental and physical emotions.

Improve Mood

As you take your first steps of the day tyfo will stimulate a positive response within your foot soft tissue and receptors, this will speed up and increase the recovery process of your tissues.
Your blood supply will also be improved and your nerves will function better.
Stronger Activated Feet will stimulate your whole body and improve your resistance to tiredness
Activated & Stimulated Feet are critical to promoting healthy muscles and organs including all your brain functions. This all combines to Improve our energy levels and positive emotions.

Find More Energy

As you take your first steps of the day tyfo’s will create a boost of energy through your feet and legs.
When possible tyfo MA's should be the first point of contact for your feet - they will create a higher awareness of your toes and feet and will activate your natural motor skills system. These positive sensations will boost your whole muscular system.
tyfo Model 8 will especially refresh any tiredness and get your muscles and tendons prepared for another busy day.
Wearing tyfos in home shoes , sneakers or work shoes is essential for building a stronger foundation for exercise or daily life activities.