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Stronger Tendons & Muscles

Activated and stimulated feet encourage higher levels of muscle activity and growth throughout our whole Posterior Muscle Chain which easily delivers stronger muscle movement. However this new process also dramatically reduces the load on our plantar tendons and Achilles making our movement not only more efficient but less harmful.



A higher awareness of the ground allows our feet and lower leg muscles to create a stronger and faster reaction when pulling away from the ground, especially when running, but it can also be felt when walking. Standing, balancing and sitting functions are also improved with a greater awareness of the ground through our feet. 



Activated and stimulated feet encourage high muscle activity and growth, creating stronger muscle movement, which effectively builds higher endurance within the muscles and pushes back or delays the normal occurrence of tiredness or fatigue.



Activation and stimulation to the plantar foot not only strengthens all the tendons and muscles in our feet but it increases our awareness of all our contact with the ground, especially through our toes which allows us to apply improved balance and support.



Is simply one of the positive effects that are possible when continuous activation and stimulation of the plantar foot occurs and when sufficient training technics are applied that utilise the full capabilities of the posterior muscle chain.



Stronger movement and stronger forces can be exerted when the full range of lower and upper leg muscles are engaged with full force transmission of those forces through the fascia and muscle chain. Movement that is guided and supported by the largest muscle in our body (gluteus maximus) is stronger movement. Stronger, natural, efficient movement reduces the risk of long-term injuries and supports a faster recovery period.



Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) are created when we push and pull away from the ground. Higher ground reaction forces can then feed through our muscle chain to encourage muscle growth and strength. Higher GRF make us stronger, faster & more efficient. tyfo helps generate higher GRF instantly, through increased plantar stimulation and foot contact.