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We all have different levels of foot sensitivity, so tyfo come in a range with soft, medium and strong levels of stimulation.

You can build stronger and more efficient muscles & tendons by changing the level of stimulation each day. This means if you buy a soft and medium pair you can influence how your body feels and recover much faster.

It goes without saying that everyone is different, and which model you prefer is a very personal choice that depends on your own physiology such as foot shape and foot strength.

Typically we suggest you start with our softest models (MA3 or MA5) but some people prefer the higher stimulation of our MA4 + MA6 models. Typically our users end up owning multiple types to suit their activity, footwear and level of stimulation they are looking for as they all provide similar yet different sensations at different intensity levels.

We recommend buying one size below your standard sports shoe or walking boot size to ensure a consistent fit.

Yes, our Muscle Activators fit most casual and athletic shoes - narrow or tight fitting shoes (eg: knit uppers or leather dress shoes) tend to cause the most fit issues but varies by brand. We recommend buying one size smaller than your usual shoe size to ensure a better fit.
For a perfect fit we recommend using our tyfo footwear which have been specifically designed for a precise fit with our range of Muscle Activators for maximum performance & benefit.

Yes, you should remove any insoles from your existing footwear before fitting your tyfo Muscle Activators wherever possible as they may interefere with the fit and function of the tyfo product. Indeed it is preferable to use our product in footwear with removable insoles or ample room inside as "Doubling up" on insoles inside your shoes can reduce the room available for your feet.

If the issue is length, consider trimming 1-2mm from the toe or going a size down. If width, perhaps a narrower model may suit. If using our narrowest models & length is not an issue then unfortunately the shoe is unlikely to be suitable for tyfo Muscle Activators eg: slim leather dress shoes

Yes, but only a few millimetres around the toe area to assist in fitting your footwear of choice. More than 1-2mm and you should consider a size down. Please note we can not accept returns of trimmed Muscle Activators.

Yes! tyfos are unique as they activate and stimulate the feet and whole muscle chain, which is something that your Orthotics cannot do. tyfos will strengthen your muscles and tendons, so they should be worn in alternation with your prescribed orthotics.

NOTE: Do not place tyfo Muscle Activators or Orthotics together in the same shoe - use one or the other and rotate your usage.


tyfo is not just another insole. tyfo is a unique concept based on emerging science of the foot and body's fascial network over the past 20 years.

Your foot is a major sensory organ. By using strategically placed activations points designed to stimulate mechanoreceptors buried deep within the foot, we activate dormant muscles and increase sensory feedback to your central nervous system, improving proprioception and providing more input with every step.

Wearing tyfos for your daily activities provides training for your neuromuscular system, building a strong & healthy muscule chain. Its training that doesn't feel like training!

Everyone can benefit from our Muscle Activators for everyday movement since they offer such a wide variety of benefits. Common examples include:

Youth: early intervention during the growth spurt phase can prevent fallen arches, improving foundational strength & general coordination through the feet.

Athletes: the feet are the foundation of all human movement. Our unique Muscle Activators strengthen your feet and retrain your kinetic chain so you become more glute dominant. Testing with our own athletes and consumers has shown time & again that prolonged use of tyfo Muscle Activators lead to some incredible results - check our Test Results page for some examples.

Workers: long periods on your feet not only make your feet feel tired, but your entire body and even mind. tyfo Muscle Activators provide a unque, energising sensation with every step. Whether you wear them all day at work or use them when you get home to rejuvinate your tired feet, tyfo Muscle Activators will change the way you feel.

Injured: lower limb injuries of all kinds place undue stress and loading onto other parts of the body, and can often create misalignment and imbalance in your posture even after rehabilitation, leading to pain in other areas. Your feet are the basis of all your movement so by strengthening them and giving you strong foundations, you can relieve & improve seemingly unrelated issues related further up the kinetic chain. From improving flexion after ACL injuries, to relieving hip and lower back pain by improving your glute loading, we have seen some incredible results for many kinds of injuries and ages. Check out our Injuries, Pain & Conditions page for more information.

Infirm: many people suffering from prolonged issues such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, knee/hip issues and even non-specific back & neck pain have seen life changing results from using tyfo Muscle Activators. By building strong foundations (your feet!) and improving the way your entire body loads itself from the ground up, we have provided relief to countless individuals. Check out our testimonials page for some examples.

Eldery: as we age a multitude of issues can arise, many of them movement and balance related. tyfo Muscle Activators provide an energising platform that strengthens you with every step, whilst the increased sensory feedback turbocharges your body's 6th sense "proprioception", which is intrinsicly linked to your bodies sense of balance and movement. Reduce the chance of slips and falls with tyfo by your side!



The initial activation happens immediately, however to gain the full benefits takes time. You don’t get strong muscles the day after you hit the gym, and so it is with your tyfo Muscle Activators.

Every foot and every person is different, so how long it takes you to adjust varies from as little as a few hours to as long as a few weeks – listen to your feet and go at a pace that suits you. By the time you are able to wear them all day you will have fully activated your feet and retrained your kinetic chain for improved posture, movement and efficiency.

The vast majority of our users love the new sensation we provide right away, however for a small percentage - especially those with flat feet - some initial discomfort/adjustment period can be experienced.

In your first wear session we recommend only wearing for an initial 20-30mins before waiting a few hours or till the next day, then roughly doubling the wear time each session thereafter. This is because you will be activating muscles in your feet that may have been dormant, weak or underworked for a long time and this is where you may experience some mild discomfort.

If you experience any discomfort then stop, give your feet a rest, then return and increase the next day. Like going to the gym, you will see benefits over time when you stick with it. Usually those who experience the most initial discomfort stand the most to benefit since it is a sign of weak feet.

Yes! People with flat feet usually stand the most to benefit from tyfo, but will also take the longest time to adjust and may experience a little more discomfort early on.
Flat feet take the longest time to adust as the feet need to be restructured and the collapsed arch muscles & tendons will need more time to strengthen and adapt back to their original/intended form.
Over time your arch should start to rebuild it's natural shape. The arch acts as a natrual sprinboard and load bearing support for the body, so enhancing it is just one of the ways tyfo improves your performance.

Yes, you should continue to wear both Muscle Activators to ensure your body properly aligns. Most people are dominant on one side of their body and so it is not uncommon for one foot to take longer to adjust than the other - stick with it, but go at a pace that suits your less dominant foot.

tyfo Muscle Activators can be used for all kinds of sport or activities on land. We do however recommend going through the initial adjustment and break-in period during your down-time (1-6 weeks, depending on the individual) before engaging in any vigorous activities with your tyfo Muscle Activators fitted. Check out our Boost Your Activity page to see how tyfo can benefit you in your chosen sport or activity.


tyfo Muscle Activators can be cleaned using neutral soap and then aired to dry completely. Products containing any solvents or alcohol as ingredients (including as propellants) are not recommended as they may cosmetically damage the product however should not affect overall performance. DO NOT MACHINE DRY.

Unlike most other brands of insoles which use various types of foam which compresses & breaks down over time, tyfo uses durable polyurethane which will retain its shape and performance properties for many years to come.
Prolonged use may see some cracking around the heel activation points, however the overall performance should remain relatively unaffected.
Variable factors such as weight and intensity of usage may shorten the lifespan, but we are confident it will last longer than any other insoles out there under comparable conditions.


Good things take time, which is why we want you to be able to try our product for 60 days risk free. If you aren't completely satisifed with the transformation better foot health can bring your life, we will refund your money.

Goods may be returned in a used condition but must include original packaging. Unfortunately we can not accept returns of products that have been cut, trimmed or otherwise altered in any way.
In order to initiate a return under the 60 Day Trial, please contact Return postage is at your own expense.


Please email or use the contact form on the website and one of our representatives will get back to you ASAP

If you created an account at checkout, you can track your orders by logging into your account and clicking the "Track Orders" option, or you can contact

Independent of our 60 Day Trial Guarantee, you may return your goods no questions asked within 30 days of purchase under the following conditions:

  • Goods must be returned unused and in original packaging
  • Return postage is at your own expense
  • If purchased via an authorised tyfo reseller, you must return to your point of purchase including your receipt


Unfortunately we can not process exchanges online so please contact to initiate a return and then place a new order via the website.
Goods purchased via an authorised tyfo reseller may be exchanged at point of purchase with receipt & packaging in tact.

For online orders, please contact to initiate a returns procedure.
For purchases made via authorised tyfo resellers, please contact point of purchase to return.
Please note return postage is at your own expense.

Once goods are received at our warehouse (pending your chosen form of postage), returns can take 2-5 working days to be processed.
Once processed, we will initiate the refund via your chosen payment method. Refund times vary depending on the institution but below is a rough guide:
Credit/Debit card: 17-22 business days
Paypal: 6-12 business days


You can return your online order within 30 days of receiving your order without having to give any reason. If you received items from one order in several parcels, the 30-days return period begins on the day you received the last parcel. In order for us to fully refund your returned items you must return them in suitable packaging as follows:

  • the pair of tyfo shoes should be inside the tyfo shoe bag and placed inside the original tyfo shoe box along with the pair of tyfo Footbeds that should be placed inside their original tyfo bag.
  • Footbeds only should be placed inside their original tyfo bag and then protected in another wrapper before returning. Items purchased at an tyfo authorised reseller:
    Requests for refunds of any product bought at a tyfo wholesale partner or other tyfo authorized reseller should be discussed with that party directly as they have their own return policies.

Good news. Returning products is free of charge as long as you follow the instructions How do I return my product(s). Be sure to follow the return instructions to qualify for this free of charge return policy.

There are different return methods depending on where you purchased your product.  
Items purchased at a tyfo authorised reseller:
1. If you bought your tyfo product from an authorized tyfo reseller then you should take the product back to them and they will discuss your claim with you. 

2. If you bought your tyfo product from the tyfo online shop then you have 30 days from the date of receiving your order to return your product free of charge. You can return your product simply by following our Return Instructions below.

3. If there is no return form or return label inside your parcel then you can only return your product to us by the Standard Mail service in your country.

4. You product(s) should be returned in suitable packaging and specifically the tyfo items must be returned with their original packing as follows:
- the pair of tyfo shoes should be inside the tyfo shoe bag and placed inside the original tyfo shoe box along with the pair of tyfo Footbeds that should be placed inside their original tyfo bag.
- Footbeds only should be placed inside their original tyfo bag and then protected in another wrapper before returning. 

Return Instructions: 
1. Fill out the return form with your reason(s) for the return and insert into your parcel then seal the box or bag. 2. Then attach the Return label to the parcel covering the original label if possible. 3. Keep a note of the Tracking Number that is written on the Return label. 4. Drop your parcel at the original couriers depot or office or at the local Mail post office.

After you drop off your return parcel at the local depot or office it can take 2-7 business days for the parcel to get to our UK warehouse. 

Once it arrives at our warehouse, it can take up to 24 hours to process. During peak times the processing time may exceed 24 hours.

As soon as we start processing your return package at our warehouse, you will receive an email to confirm that we have received and are processing your return.

Here are the approximate days required to process and refund your money.

Total refund time:

Credit/debit card

17-22 business days 


6-11 business days

*As soon as we start processing your return package at our warehouse, you will receive an email to confirm that we have received and are processing your order.

**From the moment we authorise the refund, your bank still needs to process it. The amount of time this takes to process the refund differs between banks and payment methods. You will receive your refund via the same method that you used to pay for the product(s).


No, but you have 30 days to return your product (s) from the date that you purchased or received your product if purchased from a tyfo reseller or the tyfo online shop. 

After this 30 day period an exchange or return is not possible unless there is a clear manufacturers fault with the product that has not been caused by your fair wear or use of the product. 
We are currently not able to offer exchanges for items purchased from our online shop. If you'd like a different colour or size, then the best thing to do is to return your unwanted item(s) to us for a refund and place a new order. Returns usually take 2-7 days to reach our warehouse in UK. We'll then process your return in 24 - 48 hours and initiate a refund to your card or debit card.

Yes we’ll normally refund your entire shipping costs if the product is returned correctly however we will not refund the shipping costs if any of the following examples apply:

1. You’re only returning part of your order.

2. You don’t return your order with the same carrier that had delivered your parcel to you.

3. If example 2 applies in this case, we can refund you the amount of your initial standard delivery charge, but only if you have returned your complete order to us.

30 days from the date that you purchased or received your order without having to give any reason. If you received items from one order in several parcels, the 30-days return period begins on the day you received the last parcel. In order for us to fully refund your returned items you must return them in suitable packaging.


Please contact and we'd be happy to discuss your requirements

Please contact and we'd be happy to discuss your requirements