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Which tyfo is Right For Me?


  • How much activation / stimulation would you like and
  • How intense would you like it to be

This was tyfo’s starting point when we created this new brand : to manage all our daily activities we rely on MAXIMUM OUTPUT from our total body mechanism and especially our muscles and tendons.

To achieve MAXIMUM OUTPUT we need to provide MAXIMUM INPUT into our muscles and tendons which starts when this tyfo device converts all your movement and contact with the ground into higher muscle activity and higher muscle energy.

tyfo Muscle Activators trigger an inspiring reaction through the Foot Sensory System that is a combination of mechanoreceptors and the fascia system embedded in your feet.

MAXIMUM INPUT is also critical to reduce our potential for excessive fatigue, injury or pain so we would recommend choosing a soft and stronger activation model from the list below. This combination allows you to provide different stimulation effects into your muscle chain and fascia via your feet , so as you increase your movement quality you can also recover more quickly.

For MAXIMUM EFFECT you should be wearing tyfo Muscle Activators and / or tyfo shoes for a minimum of 4-6 hours per day, up to 6 days a week with a minimum of one rest day.

Tyfo Activation Selection List :

Provides our softest stimulation effect from one activation point - this will build strength over time. Once you have adapted in approximately 6-8 weeks you can then increase the level of stimulation by purchasing another model.

Provides our medium strength stimulation effect and has 8 activation points - this stimulates at a higher level than model 3 & 5 and so accelerates the rate at which you can Improve and strengthen. This model suits narrow sports and casual shoes.

Offers the same stimulation as model 4 above but suits wider feet and wider sports shoes.

Provides our softest stimulation but has 8 activation points so the effect is higher than model 3.

Provides our medium strength stimulation from 8 larger activation points than model 4, this is also more suited to wider feet and wider shoes.

Provides a stronger, more intense stimulation than models 3 - 6 above. This suits wearers of tyfos number 4 and 6 after 6 months OR for low sensitivity feet who have adapted to model 4 or 6 within a few weeks of use for a minimum of 6 hours everyday..

The Game Changer: 4 purposes in 1 design.

A world's first and truly unique product that combine’s stimulation of not just muscles and tendons but also promotes new skin sensations across different areas of your feet and plantar soft tissue.

This model offers our firmest and highest level of stimulation and is ideal for quick burts pre or post activity. Perfect for priming your body before activity or rejuvinating your feet at the end of a long session.

This design is mapped to our feet and cleverly and unconsciously resets our stance and balance, promotes stronger lateral side weight bearing, promotes higher large toe engagement and stimulates plantar skin and deeper level muscles and tendons.

Must be worn with socks to start with and limited to 30 minutes for the first few days, this quickly will become the product that starts to disperse stresses within your whole muscle chain and fascia - you will “Feel The Difference” in a short period of time but exactly when is different for all of us.