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tyfo Muscle Activators are specially designed to engage your foots intrinsic sensory system. This system is critical for enhancing your movement and neuromuscular performance.

The sensations you feel when first wearing tyfo muscle activators are powerful yet different for everybody, and some people do find the new sensations challenging, particularly if they have flat or weak feet. Yet these users also stand the to benefit the most as our unique Dome Technology strengthens their intrinsic foot muscles, reforming the arch and restoring correct foot function over time. We recommend everyone takes a gradual approach to wearing their tyfo Muscle Activators - think of it like a gym training program for your feet that you work up to over time.

We recommend you only wear your tyfos initially for a period of 30 mins-1hr maximum. You may experience some initial discomfort, but this will usually dissipate within a few minutes once you habituate. Even if you are loving the feeling, we recommend not overdoing it in the first day as you will be firing a lot of muscles that will not have been used properly for some time, which can lead to some Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) in your feet and glutes if you overdo it.

Increase your wear time to 2-3hrs. We suggest you start your day with them for an hour or so and then again at the end of the day, but really whenever you can work it into your routine is fine.

Continue to increase your wear time until you are able to wear them all day without any discomfort. Listen to your feet and your body - if you are overusing them early on you will feel it in your glutes and feet (often the next day), but over time as these muscles strengthen this will disappear entirely and you will have returned your body to its proper athletic function.

Daily use of tyfo shoes and Muscle Activators offers the quickest improvement to everyday movement, posture, balance, and athletic performance. By increasing sensory foot stimulus with every step, tyfo shoe and Muscle Activator combinations enhance movement, strengthen muscles, and increase performance.