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"Activation of Mechanoreceptor systems is critical to train, monitor, react and engage our muscular system to optimise motor skills"

David Buer Performance coach

Atlanta, USA

"I play tennis and suffer terrible arch pain but these insoles took all my pain away"

Susann Orus, Switzerland

"Since I combine custom orthotics with my tyfos my calf cramps have gone and right knee pain has too"

Danny Zwyssig, Switzerland

"I am 85 years old, have had horrible back pain for 35 years or more, seen many doctors /have tried many treatments, nothing worked but after 2 weeks of wearing tyfo I am now finally pain free , its a miracle"

Patrice Berhnard, Switzerland

"I am a big hiker, 10-12 big Alps walks every year, always had calf cramps before and after these walks, my local shop recommended tyfo and now my cramps have stopped "

Hans Schmid, Luzern, Switzerland

"I feel better, my blood circulation has improved and I no longer have cold feet!"

Yolanda Levers, Zurich, Switzerland

"Heel spurs,ball of foot pain and horrible tiredness have all gone since using TYFO's"

Dominique Schaffeu

"Since my ACL surgery I've had constant keen pain and only 85% leg extension so my training has been very tough, Simon suggested I try the medium Tyfo and after only a few weeks I#ve nog got 100% and zero pain, it's amazing "

Fabienne Belanger

"My sister has problems with achilles tendon pain, and just went for a longer walk the other day with TYFO and she said, it was amazing how long she was able to walk without pain.."

Iren Rauber

"They feel very good after running, also during running is a good feeling, No hard or tired calves anymore ..."

Moreno Beti, Switzerland

"Just a quick note to let you know that your products are fantastic. I can highly recommend your products"

Slaven Todorovic, Lagenthal, Switzerland

"I normally get badly aching feet after 2km of walking. After starting to wear tyfos I can walk 3+km without any aching at all"

Customer name TBC (Monika)

"I run everyday on the treadmill and stop once I've burned 500 calories, usually takes 32.30 mins , after wearing the TYFO for a week the treadmill stopped at 29,35 !! and the next day it stopped at 28,52 these are fantastic"

Alan Vickers

"I was suffering from water in my legs & my physiotherapist recommended I try tyfos. I wear them at home for 1-2hrs at first. I felt the points intensely at the beginning, now I can tolerate them as long as I want.
My experience: I no longer have water in my legs. In bed my legs twitch less before sleep. I have better posture, strengthened in the back and chest area. In hiking boots, I walk light-footed through the mountain landscape because with my tyfos fitted my Hallux no longer hurts."

Margrit Stump, Bern, Switzerland

"Having been plagued with a hot spot on my right foot for many years I came to the conclusion that wider shoes would be the solution. In many ways it was a fix, however, eventually the right foot would still go numb. Upon meeting Simon I soon discovered that the width of the shoe is a band aid to a bigger problem of my feet is they have just simply stopped functioning and that they are indeed just “switched off”. The TYFO insole has given me a whole new perspective as to the function of my feet, grounding me in ways I had not thought possible. The activation points to begin with feel painful on the soles of the feet, within three days and just 20 minutes a day I was able to wear them for as long as I wanted. What I have found from the activation points is that my posture is taller, I feel like and it looks like I walk taller. My balance when I have no shoes on is improved as well and when I have cycling shoes on I can feel the bikes movement more under my feet and this is key as a former world cup mountain bike downhill racer, I can feel what the bike is doing under me thus improving my position on the bike to improve traction. We talk about being grounded, the TYFO insole does this and improves sporting performance, take my word for it. David Hemmings, Former GB Professional Cyclist"

David Hemmings, UK

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