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Your Sport

Caring about your feet and tuning your muscular system
to perform at its best is the core of the tyfo design philosophy,
so we created a range of Muscle Activators with different levels
of stimulation that will enhance your muscular performance
in your activity of choice.

Walking & Hiking

After the first few steps you'll feel a greater awareness of the ground and your feet and how they contact with the path, stones or rocks to increase the stimulation effect of tyfo Dome Technology™, helping reduce fatigue and keeping you energized.

Running & Gym Training

Stronger faster movement comes from Stronger muscles that can generate higher levels of ground reaction forces. tyfo products activate and stimulate these key muscles over time which will improve your form to deliver a more efficient stride and improve the muscular loading from your feet all the way to your lower back. Run further, faster, for longer and recover quicker with tyfo. 


Tyfo activated feet allow you to grip and leverage more power through the pedalling phase, energising your feet and enhancing your sense of the bike underneath you for better balance & reactivity. Increased bloodflow reduces lactic acid build up and improves your endurance. 


Golf is a balance sport and yet most golfers are usually too far forward on their toes or too far back on their heels during their swing. tyfo Muscle Activators fix that by instantly providing a stable platform for both feet during the swing phase, distributing your weight more evenly and allowing for a more efficient & dynamic transfer of forces through the hitting phase. This improves your accuracy, ground force & club head speed for even greater distance & less dispersion.

Court Sports

Your feet and total muscular system need to sense and adapt to directional changes and force transmission, tyfo Muscle Activators boost your conscious awareness of every step and enhances directional change and vertical jump movements.

Winter Sports

tyfo muscle activation brings sensitive information in real time about your body weight shifts, pressure & shear forces direction. tyfos in your footwear instantly engage the mechanoreceptors & proprioceptors in your legs, to train & increase your muscle control and muscle endurance. Cold feet become warmer feet through this process.

Field Sports

Turning efficiency and speeds are enhanced through engagement of higher ground reaction forces via your feet. tyfo muscle activation and stimulation builds new muscle growth and stronger resistance to your normal levels of tiredness. Run further for longer with tyfo.

Basketball & Netball

Activated feet by tyfo sense more rapidly shifts in pressure, shear & force direction from which your muscular system can react to allow faster move & turn execution. Increased feeling converts into greater skill & reaction forces which can increase vertical jump power generation as muscular force is stimulated more.