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How Would You Feel with a Stronger, Pain-Free Back?

Your Journey to a Comfortable Back Starts Here

Did You Know?

A staggering 80% of individuals will experience back pain at some point in their lives. This prevalent issue affects people of all ages and backgrounds, making it one of the most common physical complaints worldwide.

Back pain isn't just a physical ailment! It's a daily barrier that affects every facet of life. From the simple joy of bending to tie a shoe, to the restless nights longing for a pain-free sleep, back pain can transform routine tasks into challenging hurdles.

It hinders our ability to work efficiently, engage in recreational activities, and even share precious moments with loved ones. The constant discomfort serves as a reminder of the activities we once took for granted, now overshadowed by the persistent ache.

Understanding the profound impact of back pain on daily life is the first step towards seeking a solution and reclaiming the life you deserve.

Did you know that regular use of orthotic insoles not only provides IMMEDIATE RELIEF but also helps in PREVENTING the recurrence of back pain in the long run?

How does it works?

Tyfo insoles provide essential support and cushioning for the feet, directly helping to alleviate back pain.

The feet are the primary point of stress transmission to the spine, which is designed for upright weight bearing. Tyfo acts at the feet, mitigating these stresses.

Tyfo insoles are designed to align with varying body mass and physical activity levels. They come in a range of styles and hardnesses to cater to individual needs.

Tyfos enhance the stimulation of specific neural sensory nerves, the mechanoreceptors (MCRs). These receptors convey touch, pressure, vibration, and proprioceptive signals.

Increased stimulation of plantar MCRs can boost foot and leg muscle activation and responses.

The nerve fibers that convey these mechanoreceptive signals (A alpha & beta) travel faster than those transmitting pain (A delta & C). This reduces the pain signal's ratio to the mechanical signal, decreasing pain perception in the central nervous system (CNS).

Tyfo insoles, in conjunction with enhanced fascial tensioning, can reduce postural strain throughout the integrated fascial system. This extends through the legs into the thoracolumbar fascia, a major contributor to 'idiopathic' back pain syndromes.

The feet, especially with the plantar glabrous skin, contain one of the most robust and richly MCR innervated fascia - the plantar fascia/aponeurosis.

The combined effects of Tyfo insoles lead to reduced postural strain and shifts, promoting an optimal posture and reducing back pain.

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